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Jento could see that he Black Ant-like puppet was now starting to open.   This was his chance.  His strategy to get to Kanoshi not through force, but through intelligence and dialogue had apparently worked.  

Jento continued to put up a front even while the opening in the puppet was still not large enough for him to fit through.  

“One last thing,” Kanoshi started.  “Will you join me in this fight against your comrades?”  

“Fight those three?  Of course!” Jento replied, still pretending that he had been turned.

“Wonderful.  They are sure to be digging around my puppet shop even now.  I’m so irritated that they are probably in there,” Kanohsi said.  He was facing away from Jento, but he eventually turned to face him.  “Now - ”

And with that, he stopped short.  His hands instinctively grabbed his stomach.  He noticed a liquid redness now spreading into his clothes.  

“What - ?” he managed to say aloud.  He looked ahead at the small teenager holding the handle of a kunai in both hands – a kunai which was now deeply lodged in his upper abdomen.  

The pain was immense and unexpected.  In only a few seconds, Kanoshi dropped to his knees and Jento let go of the instrument which he had just used.  

Kanoshi’s eyes widened as he stared at the boy he had decided to trust.  

Jento just stood there watching him suffer.  “I am a proud shinobi of the Sand,” Jento said.  “I may not be the strongest or fastest and I am certainly not very experienced.  But I have just used some of my best skills to bring you down.  You make too many assumptions and you are arrogant.  It wasn’t hard to use those against you.”

Kanoshi now fell to his side.  His breathing was labored.  He was losing a lot of blood.  

It was at that time that the other three ran into the room.  

“Jento!  Are you alright?” Kankuro shouted as soon as he saw his comrade.

“You’re bleeding!” Sakura shouted as soon as she entered the room.

“No, it’s not my blood.  It’s his,” he nodded in the direction of the now unconscious Kanoshi.

“You brought him down?” Sai asked.  

Slowly Jento’s three teammates were able to visually take in what they saw and draw the right conclusions.  Jento with blood on his hands, Kanoshi lying on the floor with blood beginning to pool around him.  

“How on earth - ?” Kankuro said aloud.  He had to admit, his eyes were telling him that Jento just took down a very dangerous enemy all on his own.  His mind was telling him that such a young, inexperienced shinobi should not have been able to do that.

Sakura ran over to Jento and quickly did a scan.  

“I’m not hurt,” Jento said.  “Like I’s his blood.”

Sakura stepped back.  “I can’t believe you got him…and the way he’s bleeding, you hit a major artery.”

“I did that on purpose,” said Jento.  “After all, I remember everything I’ve seen or read.  And I’ve read a few things about the human body before.”  

“Nicely done,” Sai said as he approached Kanoshi to inspect the aftermath.

“Don’t touch anything Sai.  Let me see him.  Perhaps we can still get some intel from him,” Sakura said.

“I don’t think so,” Sai replied.  “He looks just about gone to me.”

“Are you forgetting who you are talking to?” she asked.  She walked over to Kanoshi’s body and examined it quickly.  “Nevermind, you were right.”

Kankuro had walked over to Jento and handed him a cloth to wipe his hands with.  Without water to properly wash with, his hands remained stained a dark maroon.  

“Now tell us what happened,” Kankuro said.  

Jento then recounted everything that had happened.  The Black Ant-like puppet that Sai had mentioned, using his intellect to make Kanoshi believe he could be swayed to his side, and the final surprising blow just as he was let go.  

“I’m impressed you were able to think that well while you were captured,” said Sai.  “Most young shinobi tend to lose their mind first and act more on instinct.”

“My mind is my most powerful weapon,” answered Jento.  “If I lost that, I wouldn’t be much of a shinobi.”

“For the record, you did a great job,” said Kankuro.

“What about him?” he looked at Kanoshi.

“Sai, will you do the honors?” Kankuro asked.  

“Sure,” Sai replied and let his pack down off his back.  He opened it and retrieved a scroll.  

“Are we taking him back to the Leaf or the Sand?” Jento asked.

“The Leaf,” answered Kankuro.  “I’m sure Sakura wouldn’t mind gathering the intel herself once we get back.”

“Not at all,” Sakura replied.  

“Let’s go back to our house and get cleaned up.  We need to make arrangements with the landlord before  we can head back to the Leaf,” Kankuro said.


The four shinobi teammates took their time getting back to the Leaf having left their small village house the next morning.  The landlord was very understanding and only collected a little extra money to make up for the fact the house would be vacant until another renter could be found.  

Instead of a full-speed sprint while bouncing off tree branches, instead, they walked at a medium pace on the ground.  

Sakura secretly watched Jento.  Because she was the medical shinobi in the group, she wanted to be sure that Jento’s actions had not affected him in any extreme way.  Although there were Academy graduates each and every year feeding the shinobi corps of the major villages, it would not have been unheard of to find some of them not being able to handle things like killing as part of their jobs.  Usually they end up hurting themselves, or even lashing out and hurting others.  Jento, though, had not shown much emotion at all.

“Jento, are you ok?” she finally asked him seemingly out of the blue.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he answered.

“What are you feeling, if you don’t mind me asking?” Sakura prodded.

Jento paused for a split-second.  Sakura gauged that he was probably wondering why she was asking or what the right answer would be.  

“You probably think I would be feeling exhausted…or regret….or even sadness.  To be honest, I don’t feel any of those things.  I have felt left behind much of this mission and I understand why….I’m young and inexperienced and you guys wanted to protect me.  But I showed that I could do it.  I’m the one who finally got him...and I’m kind of proud of myself for that.”

All three of Jento’s teammates smiled.  Yeah, he was going to be alright.  


That afternoon, they walked up to the desk at the main gate into the Leaf.  Kiba and Akamaru were both there looking extremely bored.  

“I wouldn’t have expected to see you two here at the gate,” Sakura said as she approached.

“Yeah, well, sometimes you have to do the administrative jobs, too,” Kiba replied.  Akamaru barked.  “Are you guys coming back from a mission?”

“Yeah.  We’ve been gone a couple of weeks,” Sakura replied.  “Is it ok if I escort these two into the village?”

Kiba wrote something down in a notebook.  “Go on in.”

“Thanks,” Sakura said.  

Kankuro was more than aware what the normal policies were after a mission.  It didn’t matter which village it was, the first order of business was to report to the Kage or a designated substitute.  He followed silently when he noted that Sakura was headed right for Hokage Tower.  

They made it to the tower, but were intercepted by Shikamaru in a hallway on their way to the Hokage’s office.

“Ah, you’re back,” Shikamaru noted.  “You must be on your way to see Naruto.”

Sakura nodded.  “Right.”

“He's actually not taking mission reports this afternoon, but he did ask Tsunade to fill in while he met with some dignitaries from the Mist for the rest of the day.”

“I see,” said Sakura.  “Is she in her office?”

“That she is,” added Shikamaru as he turned and walked away.

“Thanks,” Sakura replied and continued on the same path she was on before.  “By the way, how’s Temari?”

Shikamaru blushed slightly.  He never turned back around.  “She’s fine and we’ll leave it at that.  That whole mission was a giant drag.”

Sakura smiled knowing that even if Shikamaru wanted to share the details of his reunion with Temari, he most certainly didn’t want to do it right in front of her brother.  “Fair enough.”

Lady Tsunade’s office was right next to Naruto’s.  Sakura knocked.

“Enter!” Sakura heard.  She turned the knob and entered, followed by her three teammates.

“Ah, I see you are back!” Tsunade said as she lit up upon seeing her protégé.  

“Yes, M’Lady, the mission is done,” Sakura replied.

“And?  Were you able to take care of the problem?” Tsunade turned her attention to the leader of the team.  Although Sakura was the most senior Leaf shinobi present and had made many reports to the Hokage in the past, both she and Tsunade knew that her giving the report would technically be stepping on Kankuro’s toes since he was the designated team leader.  

“We conservatively approached the target and were sure to only expose what was allowed per our plan.  For the most part, Jento, as our intelligence and strategy expert was kept behind the scenes for most of the time.  After some period of surveillance, which resulted in nothing, contact was made by the target himself,” said Kankuro.

“Who on the team made first contact?” Tsunade asked.

“I did,” Sai spoke up.  

“As part of the change in strategy, we placed ourselves in positions where the target would likely be…or at least where we could find relevant information about him since, at that time, we were still unsure of who he was or if he was the true enemy,” Sai added.  “I was portraying a simple villager, new to the area, drawing and sketching in the woods around his home.  It was then that he approached me.”

“How did you gain access?” asked Tsunade.

Sai hesitated.  “Actually….,” he started.  “The target took me by surprise and kidnapped me.”

“To be fair to Sai, the target’s puppet jutsu wasn’t on a basic level.  We did not know he had a puppet like Black Ant at the time,” said Kankuro.  

“I see,” said Tsunade, who already knew what Black Ant’s capabilities were and didn’t need to ask for clarification.  “So you were contained inside the puppet for a period of time.”

“Yes.  The target also allowed me to send mice to the outside to inform the team where I was.  I wasn’t sure if it was a trap or not, but decided it was the only way out of the situation and that they would know to be cautious,” added Sai.

“We found in him the basement of the house we believed belonged to the target.  It was, in fact, a trap.  As soon as we freed Sai, we were confronted by the target,” said Kankuro.  

“You were able to defeat him?” Tsunade asked.  “Can I tell the surrounding villages in that area that there is no longer a threat?”

“To make a long story short, yes.  His body is contained in one of Sai’s scrolls,” said Sakura.  Sai removed the scroll from his pack and placed it on Tsunade’s desk.  

“Who apprehended the target?” Tsunade asked.

“Uh, actually, that was Jento,” Kankuro said.  

“Jento?” Tsunade repeated.  “Well, that’s surprising.”  

“He did a phenomenal job with the skills he had and was able to get the target to lower his guard.  One kunai later and….,” explained Kankuro.

“I take it you knew where to aim that kunai then?” Tsunade asked Jento.

“I have read many anatomy books in the past,” said Jento.  Tsunade was aware of Jento’s perfect recollection and no further explanation was necessary.  

“Sakura, are you planning an autopsy?” Tsunade asked.

“Hai,” Sakura answered.  “If it is alright with M’Lady, I will begin in the morning.  I’d like to use the rest of today to rest and unpack.”

“Agreed,” said Tsunade.  She turned so that she now faced the entire team.  “Great job everyone.  Kankuro and Jento, feel free to stay as long as you’d wish.  You are always welcome here.”

“Thank you, Lady Tsunade.  We will most likely leave tomorrow morning.  Do you mind if I use one of your messenger birds to send word to the Sand?” Kankuro asked.

“Absolutely,” Tsunade replied.

“I’ll show him where to go,” Sakura added.

“Fine.  Dismissed,” said Tsunade.

The four shinobi turned and exited the room.


That evening, Sakura met the two Sand shinobi for dinner.  

“Where are we going?” Jento asked as they started walking away from the building where visiting shinobi were often housed.

“I believe I still owe you a trip to the sushi place,” Sakura responded.   She could tell by the way Jento’s expression lit up that he was more than happy to be going to a sushi restaurant.  

Kankuro smiled at Sakura and she smiled and nodded back.  

They arrived at the restaurant and found many of their acquaintances and friends already taking up one of the rooms of the restaurant.  It wasn’t a party, but there were several people standing and talking to other people and some chairs had obviously been pulled where they didn’t belong.

“Can I help you?” the host said to Sakura.

“Can you tell me how long they have been here?” Sakura asked, nodding her head in the direction of the room.  

The host looked over where Sakura had nodded.  “Them?  Only about ten minutes or so.  I do believe they have only ordered drinks at this point.”

“Great.  We’re going to go say hello before sitting down,” Sakura said as she started walking.

When the three shinobi stopped in the doorway, all eyes turned to them.

“Sakura-chan!” Naruto called out as he leapt from his seat.

“Hi Naruto.  It’s been a while,” Sakura replied.   “What’s the occasion?  I thought you might be with the dignitaries from the Mist.”

“No, they had to leave right after we met.  There’s no occasion really.  I was on my way home when I bumped into Sai.  I hadn’t seen him in a while because he was on that mission with you, so I convinced him to come eat dinner with me,” explained Naruto.

“Uh, Naruto….this isn’t just Sai,” Sakura clarified.  

“Oh that.  Yeah, we ran into some others on the way, too.  By the time we were here, we had more than ten people!” Naruto said.  

“It figures,” Sakura said with a chuckle.  The number was closer to 20.  Naruto was always one to include as many people as possible.

“Come on in and join us!” Naruto said.

Sakura and the two Sand shinobi were more than happy to enter.

Together they enjoyed themselves and the camaraderie that being with so many friends and acquaintances  provided.  The almost-party continued on.  Naruto was, as he always was, the life of the party.  But in between the drinking and the laughing, he did notice one thing that was a little different….Sakura was off to the side happily chatting with Kankuro.  He could see that they were the only thing in each other’s world, at least at the moment.  

When he looked over and saw the two of them holding hands, he knew what he should do.  

“Sakura-chan,” Naruto said as he walked up to his friend.

“O…hi Naruto,” she greeted him as she pulled her hand away from Kankuro’s.  She hadn’t seen him approaching.

“You two should get out of here,” Naruto said, grinning ever so slightly.

“What?” Sakura questioned.  

“You know what I mean.  You just had to share your space with two other shinobi these past few weeks.  Finally you could get some real privacy and you are here instead.  I'm sure Kankuro will be leaving us soon.”

“But Jento -,” Kankuro stated.

Naruto looked at Jento.  He was currently goofing off with Kiba in the opposite corner of the room.  “Don’t worry about him.  I’ll make sure he gets back ok.”

“Are you sure?” Kankuro asked.

“Yeah, I’m the Hokage.  I’m pretty sure I can handle a new Academy grad,” Naruto said.  

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Kankuro said as he rose from his seat.  Sakura followed.

Kankuro slapped Naruto on the shoulder.  “Thanks, Naruto.  I owe you one.”

“Don’t mention it,” Naruto replied as he watched his friend and teammate leave with someone who had obviously become more special to her recently.

Once outside the restaurant, Sakura turned and faced Kankuro.   She placed both arms on his shoulders and stood on her tip toes to kiss him.  He, of course, kissed her back.  When they were done, they continued walking hand-in-hand.

“So now what?” Kankuro asked.

“We've got all night.  I'm sure we can figure it out," she replied.
Kanoshi let both arms fall to his sides, presumably dropping his chakra strings.  He closed his eyes and put his hands together to presumably begin his next attack.  

“It’s not a puppet!” shouted Kankuro.  Kankuro sent Sasori towards Kanoshi.  One of the doors on Sasori’s body opened, but before anyone knew it, there was a loud boom that hit right beside Sakura.  Whatever it was, the wall next to her came crumbling down.  Where the wall had been now stood a gigantic statue (or could it have been some sort of puppet).  Whatever it was, it wasn’t moving now so its purpose must have been to do what it just did….push the stone wall down on someone.  

Sakura’s three teammates instinctively ran towards her.  They converged on where she was (she was still visible, even with some rubble on top of her).  

“Jento, keep an eye on Kanoshi.  Make sure he doesn’t attack us while we’re here together,” said Kankuro almost right away.  

Jento’s eyes flew to the direction where Kanoshi was standing….but the space was now empty.  

“He’s gone,” Jento said aloud.

“What?” Kankuro questioned, standing up right away and looking in Kanoshi’s general direction.

“See?” Jento said.

It was true.  Kanoshi was now gone, most likely retreating to whatever space was behind him.  

“He must have made a run for it,” said Kankuro.  “Damn.”

Sakura sat up as soon as the last heavy chunk of wall had been taken off of her.  

“Wait a second, Sakura,” Sai said.

“It’s ok,” she replied.  “I already checked…nothing is broken.  I’ve just got some bruises and scrapes.”

With that Sai backed away and Sakura popped up.  “Let’s go…we can still catch him.”

Sakura, Sai and Kankuro all leapt forward.  Jento also followed, but was a little ways behind the other three.  He continued to run as fast as he could, but the fact was, he was smaller and less powerful than they were and he naturally fell further behind.  

That’s when something caught the corner of his eye.  He pulled up and stood there looking at the empty doorway where he thought he saw something for just a second.

It flashed again.  It was something like a white light.  It looked to be near the doorway.  

Jento took a step back.  Other than a random creature or two, there shouldn’t be anything down here in this stone hallway except…

Jento turned to run after his comrades.  But then something leapt out from the doorway and grabbed him.  The next thing he knew, he was trapped inside of….something.  He didn’t know what it was.  But after only a few seconds to think, he surmised he was now in the Black Ant-like puppet that Sai had described to him less than an hour ago.  

“Gotcha,” Jento heard Kanoshi's voice say.

Jento kicked the inside of the puppet.  He was angry at himself not only for allowing himself to be distracted, but also allowing himself to be left behind by the others.  Yes, they were running full-force, but he could have said something about it, at least to call it to their attention.  He was their teammate after all.  He was just feeling bad for holding them back.  


Kankuro ran for another minute or two before he noticed the corridor had come to an end.

Sai was the next one to arrive, just a few seconds behind Kankuro.  Sakura was the third.  

Kankuro looked up and saw a small opening in the rock.  

Sakura was on the same page.  “Lift me up,” she said without hesitation.

Kankuro gave her a hand and hoisted her up so she could get her arms over the lip that was there.  She then had just enough leverage to pull herself up.  Her legs disappeared through the hole in the ceiling.  Sai and Kankuro stood there for a seconds wondering what was going on.  

Sakura’s face reappeared, looking down at her two comrades.  

“What did you find?” Kankuro asked.

“I think I found out how Kanoshi has been coming and going without being seen….and something else you have to see to believe,” she mentioned.  

Sai immediately unfurled a scroll and drew something.  With his fingers out in front of him, out popped one of his lions from the scroll.  It just stood there.

“C’mon,” prodded Sai.  

He climbed up on the lion’s back and grabbed hold of one of Sakura’s arms that was waiting to pull him up.  Kankuro followed right behind.

“Ok, now for Jento,” Kankuro said as he reached the top.  

Kankuro looked down at the dim space below.  

“Hey, where’s Jento?” he asked.

He instinctively looked up at Sai and Sakura, who didn’t know any more than he did.  

“Come to think of it, I haven’t noticed him since we were running down the corridor shortly after Kanoshi disappeared,” said Sai.  “I just assumed he was right behind us.”

“I noticed he seemed to be falling behind a little bit,” said Sakura.  “But I never saw him leave us completely.”

“Damn,” Kankuro said.  “I didn’t notice any chakra signatures in any of the rooms we passed.  Because of that, I just assumed Kanoshi ran straight ahead.”

“We need to go back and get him,” said Kankuro.

“Agreed,” said Sai.  “Should we all stick together, or should two of us go back and find him?”

“We need to stay together.  Give me five minutes here.  I need to look around to see if there is any information here that could be of some use t us.  If he does have Jento, and he means to kill him, then 5 minutes isn’t going to make a difference one way or the other.  The best tactic to battle him is to use puppets vs. puppets…it should be me taking the lead in the battle,” said Kankuro.

Kankuro hadn’t noticed it before, but the room in which they were now standing and talking was actually a large hollowed-out cave of some sort.  It was filled on all sides by puppet equipment and tools.  "Wow.  This must be the place where Kanoshi was doing all his puppet work.”

“I bet there is a door to the outside somewhere, too,” said Sai.  “This is how he comes and goes as he pleases.”

“You are probably right,” said Kankuro.

He stared at one particular figure hanging from a hook protruding from the wall.  This particular puppet looked almost human.  In fact, it probably was one of the people that Kanoshi….   Kankuro stopped his thought cold.  He didn’t want to think about how human puppets were created.  Even though he had one in his possession, he could never bring himself to desecrate a body in that manner…simply treating it as a potential weapon.  

Kankuro looked around during the five minutes he had asked for.  It was unfortunate because everything he saw looked pretty standard to him.  The tools weren’t much different than the ones he used…that is, the ones for standard puppets.  He already knew most of the advantages Kanoshi wielded.  Sasori’s notes, the ability to craft puppets out of humans, and even some of the plans for wooden puppets.  The fact that he had a puppet just like Black Ant said a lot for what this puppet master was doing.  

“Sakura, did you notice anything around here that looked any different than Sasori’s work?” Kankuro asked.

“Not really.  I don’t know most of the specifics of puppet jutsu like you do, but compared to what I know of Sasori, it looks pretty much like what I’d expect,” Sakura answered.

“Hmmm,” Kankuro said aloud as he thought.

“What is it?” Sakura asked.  

“Kanoshi has the reputation for being a great puppet master….like  a disciple of Sasori’s, right?” Kankuro asked.

“Yes…and…,” Sakura prodded.

“I honestly am beginning to think he is mediocre at best,” said Kankuro.  “There is nothing here beyond what Sasori developed.  It’s true that Sasori was a true prodigy.  That alone makes Kanoshi a formidable foe, but I have yet to see anything…in person, or in this workshop…that isn’t a direct copy of Sasori's early work.”

“Except we can’t kill him like Sasori,” noted Sakura.  “Sasori was essentially a puppet…all except his heart, the source of his chakra.  That was the one vulnerability he had.”

“I think you are overthinking this,” Sai interjected.  “It’s true that he is very Sasori-like in many ways.  His skills, his puppets…but his body itself…  We’ve got to assume he is still all-human.  Sasori didn’t start turning himself into a puppet until he left the Sand.  Kanoshi may not even know anything about that.  If we can get through his puppets…we can assuredly kill or capture him very easily.  The only Sasori-like component we need to worry about is the puppets and the justu he uses to control them.”  

“I already know all of Sasori’s tricks,” said Kankuro.  “I just need to get past them when he activates them.”

“For puppets he has made like Sasori’s…Black Ant for example….try to notice if the mechanisms are exactly the same.  You’ve got to assume he made most of them just as Sasori made them.  That would be a huge intel advantage to us,” said Sakura.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Kankuro said.  

“We should really get going,” Sai said.  He was getting impatient.  Jento was part of the team and he was having a hard time staying unemotional as the strategizing was taking place.  

“Ok, let’s go.  Back through the opening,” said Kankuro.


Over the next few minutes, Jento waited silently and motionless inside his cage.  His mind immediately went into overdrive.  The first thing he thought was that he should not say or do anything.  Who knew if there were any internal mechanisms that Kanoshi could activate that would send needles or kunai into his body.  Perhaps by not being combative, Kanoshi would leave him alone.  

"I don't like them in there," Kanoshi said to himself.  By nature of Kanoshi talking to himself, Jento also made some further determinations about Kanoshi...paranoid and most likely mental ill.  After all, why else would he be doing all this in the first place?  

Jento remained silent for the next full minute.  What were his strengths?  He was still a teenager - not very threatening physically.  He didn't have much jutsu to speak of - only what he had been taught inside the academy.  He didn't even know what chakra nature he possessed yet.  It was his intellect that was superior.  He would have to think his way out of this.  

"What a bunch of jerks," Jento said aloud, but lowly - just loud enough for Kanoshi to hear him.  Kanoshi didn't say anything so Jento didn't know what Kanoshi's reaction was, if anything.

"I can't believe they abandoned me.  I hate this," he continued.

"There are a lot of people like that in the world, son," Kanoshi replied.  Jento smiled inside his prison.  He may just be able to pull this off.  

"They didn't care about me.  They pretty much just gave me to you as a gift.  I should have a giant bow on my head," said Jento.  "I guess you'll just end up killing me.  What a waste of a life, dying so young."

"You and I are very much alike young one," Kanoshi said after a brief pause.  "Your life needn't end yet.  Why don't you join me?"

Jento's emotional pleas were hitting their mark.  The feeling of abandonment and rallying against them is all that Kanoshi ever knew.  From the time Suri was left behind by Akashi along with her young son Hitori, it was all that this family could think about...feeling victimized and wanting revenge for the wrongs they thought were done to them.  

"Join you?" Jento repeated.  

"I can tell you are just like me.  You've been abandoned by your colleagues.  You were right when you said that they just left you here to die.  I thought you may have been the weak link to your team and I was right.  But I have not killed you, have I?  I could easily just snuff out your life.  I chose not to because you remind me of myself when I was younger.  You don't have to take that from them.  I will teach you to be powerful like myself and then you can take your revenge in the future," Kanoshi lectured.

Jento feigned thought.  "Do you know the earth rumble jutsu?" he asked.  "That is the one jutsu I want to learn.  I always thought if I could learn that one jutsu that I would be more respected amongst the other shinobi."

The earth rumble jutsu was a minor jutsu that wasn't complicated by any means.  Jento didn't even know if he had the correct nature to pull it off, but it was one more step in the manipulative direction he was taking.  Amongst all the research he had read, he knew that Hitori liked that particular jutsu and used it as a decoy method during many of his genin-level missions.

"Earth rumble?  You have great taste!" Kanoshi exclaimed.  "You are correct that the earth rumble jutsu is a powerful one.  Unfortunately, I have only been able to watch that jutsu being used when my father would perform it for me."

Jento could tell that he was gaining more and more trust with this captor.   It was now time to pull the plug.

"I think I will join you," Jento said from within the Black Ant-like puppet where he was held prisoner.  "I'm sick of being the one being left behind.  You're totally right.  I deserve more than this.  Will you please teach me?"

"Of course, my boy," Kanoshi stated.  

Jento then heard a click.


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First of all, thanks to Blindbandit5 for my avatar. I commissioned a banner from her for my blog and this was a lovely piece of it. She does great work!

I'm mostly a fanfic writer, both here and on (there I am known as aangfan).… I try to dabble in other things, but that's just fun stuff.

I started a fanfiction group called "Fanfiction for Fans". Please join. Why? Because I tend to write on the border of T/M rating and frankly, there aren't too many places to post where that kind of work will be accepted. Also, I write in many different universes. I started with Avatar: The Last Airbender (which will always have a special place in my heart). I then wrote Dragon Ball and Bleach. And I'm sure I will branch out as I have greatly enjoyed both InuYasha and Fruits Basket manga/anime with Full Metal Alchemist underway as well.

Here are my works thus far:

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar, The Story Continues (42 chapters, complete)
Bliss (1 chapter, complete)
Ascendancy (1 chapter, complete)
Homecoming (1 chapter, complete)
Succession (1 chapter, complete)
Life, Love and Happiness (29 chapters, complete)

Dragon Ball
Unlikely Union (18 chapters, complete)

Saying Good-Bye....Again (1 chapter, complete)
A Little Thing Called Fate (21 chapters, complete)
Precious Times Together (active now)

Naruto & Naruto Shippuden
Coming of Age (1 chapter, complete)
Kissing Booth Challenges (1 chapter, complete) - part of NaruFest 2012
Repatriation (52 chapters, complete)
A New King Emerges (complete)
Wind and Fire (in progress)

My Opinion on Shipping
I write this because I love romance and shipping in the fandom. I just :squee: when I read a good get-together.

I don't care what you ship. Some are weird to me....others are just ok. I have my fav's, but those who are rude and crude because someone else ships something different? You're a loser! The most important thing is that the art is good or the story is written well. PERIOD.

Current Residence: Minnesota
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Pop, Alternative
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic
Favourite cartoon character: Byakuya/Sasuke/Shikamaru
Personal Quote: Rely on Karma

HTTYD 2 Trailer is Out!

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